VAC 2020

This new model has been designed by ROVEBLOC to fully meet the latest requirements of the food industry. A solid construction in stainless steel, isolation of the electrical panel (IP56), a friendly use programmable PLC and a high quality 8 mm. seal are some of its main advantages.

With the automatic bag opening option, the process is quite simple:

-      The operator places the bag in vertical position with the top part between the sealing bars.

-      Then he simply presses a button to start the following automatic cycle:

-      The machine takes the air out of the bag by means of a thin nozzle. Then, through this same nozzle the gas is introduced inside the bag. This process can be programmed several times in the PLC in order to get lower percentages of remaining O2. Finnally the nozzle comes out of the bag and the machine automatically closes the sealing jaws in order to seal the bag.


This system has the following advantages compared with the tradicional vacuum chambers:

-      Easy handling of heavy or big volume bags.

-      Great savings in gas and energy consumption.

-      Lower investment


 Application examples:  Macadamia nut, legumes, meat industry, additives, …..



VAC 2020
Film materialsPE, PA/PE
Sealing length (mm)700
Sealing width (mm)8
Max. consumption (W)1100
Net weight (Kg)100
Air pressure (bar)6
Machine dimensions (mm)

1200 x 650 x H 1900


Examples of applications