UM-650 sealer for thick polyethylene bags

The UM-650 machine is a robust impulse sealer meant for closing thick bags, or bags containing difficult products which may affect the sealing (powder soap, soil, chemicals, spices,…)

The UM-650 has a two-line LCD display where the sealing and cooling times can be easily set. The cycle is activated by a foot pedal switch and is completely automatic, to ensure a high quality sealing. The jaws heat from both sides with a 5 mm sealing wire.

When more sealing pressure is needed (it might be the case for some powders) or for intensive use we recommend the pneumatic model.

Both versions can be placed on any table or mounted in the accessory support table (see attached picture). With this accessory the machine is in an inclined position that makes it easier to introduce the bag, which lies in a height adjustable support.  



 UM-650UM-650 pneumatic
MaterialsPolyethylene up to 250 micron, some laminates
Sealing length (mm.)650650
Sealing width (mm)55
Consumption (W)22002200
Voltage (V)220 V - 50/60 Hz - 1 ph220 V - 50/60 Hz - 1ph
Net weight (Kg)3737
Machine dimensions (mm.)750 x 340 x 250750 x 340 x 250
Compressed air required (Bar) 6
Gross weight (Kg)5050
Packaging dimensions (cm)105 x 45 x 35105 x 45 x 35

Examples of applications