The pneumatic sealers RVB-700 VACUUMING and RVB-700 VACUUMING-GASSING have been specially designed for those applications in which you need vacuuming (or vacuuming and gassing) big volume bags difficult to manipulate in vacuum chambers.

The technique used for vacuuming is different than the one in vacuum chambers. At the beginning of the cycle the operator places the bag on the height adjustable support. Then by pushing a pneumatic switch he makes the two rubber jaws close, preventing air from coming in or going outside the bag. Only a thin nozzle can still get inside the bag in order to extract air or inject gas one or several times (multi-cycle option). By pushing another button the operator starts the automatic vacuuming-gassing and sealing cycle, at the end of which the bag will be closed with the desired atmosphere inside.

The model RVB-700 V-G has the following options:

  • Weeping system: If you are working with a toxic gas this system is compulsory. It weeps the gas that could remain in the nozzle at the end of the cycle and prevents it from reaching the working ambiance.
  • Multi-cycle: This option offers the possibility to repeat several times the vacuuming-gassing process, in order to get a lower oxygen percentage inside the bag. It also includes a memory where you can keep different working programs
  • Special sealing bars up to 1.100 mm long

Applications: The RVB-700 VACUUMING-GASSING was originally conceived to pack corks in a SO2 atmosphere. Nowadays it's being used for various different applications: 5-10 Kg bags of dried fruit, filters, mechanical or electronic components, additives...




     RVB-700 V,V-G

Machine dimensions (mm)

800 x 900 x 1880

Sealing length

     700 mm

Sealing width

          8 mm

Max. bag height

      1000 mm


        2500 W

Net Weight

           90 Kg

Gross Weight

        150 Kg

Vacuum pump capacity

       6 m3/h

Air pressure required

        4-5 bar


230 V – 1 Ph – 50/60 Hz

Dimensions of packed machine (mm)

2420 x 1020 x 1000