This sealer is used for sealing heavy bags lying on a pallet or palletbox.

This model has been specially designed to seal this kind of bags in a quick and reliable way with just one seal.  The sealing jaws can be easily placed over the pallet. A hydraulic system allows the operator to make the sealing head go up and down. The feet of the pallet sealer can go under the pallet so that the sealing head can easily reach the exact depth.  


The pallet sealer also exists in a special version which can extract the air out of the bag and/or inject a gas before sealing.


                        ·        Sealing and cooling timer controllers.

·        Pneumatic machine activated by foot pedal.

·        Sealing width: 6 mm.

·        Sealing length: 700, 1000 or 1300 mm.


The PALLET SEALER has wheels with a blocking system for ease of use.