These are our most compact and simple models. These hand sealers are directly plugged into the power supply and have no temperature or time regulator. Once they are plugged in, the operator needs to wait for about 5 minutes until the temperature is stable and the sealer is ready to use. The models Hand sealer and Biactive Hand sealer , which heats from both sides, have PTFE covered sealing jaws in order to seal Polyethyelene and polipropylene. The Laminates Hand Sealer  has multiline sealing jaws with no PTFE coat and is meant only for laminated film. The Hand sealers are specially light (600 gr) and small, what makes them very easy to handle. You  can seal a bag by simply pressing the sealer for 2-3 seconds. For an easier operation they can be mounted in a support with  pedal 


                                                                      HAND SEALER                             BIACTIVE HAND SEALER      LAMINATES HAND SEALER


SUITABLE MATERIALS        Polyethylene up to 0,125 mm             Polyetylene up to 0,200 mm               Aluminium/Polyethylene

                                                   Polypropylene                              Polypropylene                                               Paper/Polyethylene

                                                       thin PVC                                    thin PVC and some laminates                        Celofan

SEALING  LENGTH (mm)              160                                           160                                                                     160

SEALING WIDTH (mm)                   4                                                4                                                        10

CONSUMPTION (W)                                   20                                                 40                                                                      40

POWER                                    220 V -1 Ph – 50/60 Hz          220 V -1 Ph – 50/60 Hz                    220 V -1 Ph – 50/60 Hz

PESO NETO (Kg)                          0,430                                                           0,610                                              0,650