The Cartopack is a powerful pneumatic sealer for medium to big sized bags of any sealable laminate material (Paper/PE, AL/PE,....) in short or average productions.

The temperature of the jaws and the sealing time can be adjusted to suit the type and thickness of the material to be sealed.

The new Cartopack incorporates the following inprovements:

- Digital electronic controller with incorporated microprocessor.

- 2 line LCD retroiluminated screen and user-friendly polycarbonate control panel, for an easy adjustment of the working parameters (temperature, sealing time, counters,…).  

The special version of the machine for dusty ambiance has an isolated electrical cabinet IP65.

The sealer is pneumatically operated and requires connection to compressed air with 6 bar pressure.

By pressing the foot pedal the sealing bars will close for the set time and then open automatically. The 2 profiled sealing bars are both heated and apply high pressure to obtain 15 mm. seal of perfect quality.

The CARTOPACK is manufactured in two sealing lengths: 450 mm. and 600 mm.

  • Accessory: Support with a work table.
  • Materials: All kind of sealable paper and aluminium.



Sealing width (mm)1515
Sealing length (mm)450600
Voltage (V)220 V - 1 phase220 V - 1 phase
Consumption (W)9001100
Suitable type of filmAll laminatesAll laminates
Compressed air (Bar)66