This machine has been conceived for dosing free flowing products not exceeding 6 cm, in both automatic and semi-automatic applications. The machine includes a hopper with a capacity of 130 litres, where the product to be dosed can be accumulated. the product flow onto the weighing zone can be adjusted by means of  a gate adjustable in height.

The weighing process is made in two consecutive steps:  firstdose and fineweight, with two different vibration speeds which can be adjusted separetely.

The firstdose can bring aprox. 90 % of the target weight, and the fineweight will bring the last 10%.

The maximum weight for one machine discharge is 8 Kg.

the B2 weigher is a very simple and user friendly machine. It is built in stainless steel and is CE certified.

The machine production may vary between 5 and 15 cycles per minute, depending on the type of product, target weight and desired accuracy.