• Selladoras de bolsas y envasadoras

    Soluciones completas desde 1957.

  • Soldadoras para sacos de cualquier material plástico o complejo.

  • Maquinas embolsadoras y accesorios para automatizar el proceso de embolsado.

  • Cerradoras de tubos de cosmética manuales y semi-automáticas.

  • Soluciones para el envasado de material médico.

    Equipo para salas blancas.

    Maquinas validables.

  • Retractiladoras. Envasadoras en L, túneles y retractiladoras de campana.

  • Envasadoras al vacío. Campanas de vacío y selladoras con boquilla para extraer el aire e inyectar gas.

  • La gama mas completa del mercado en selladoras de bolsas.

Over 60 years of experience

Our activity in the packaging business started more than 60 years ago, over which we have been gaining experience and giving solutions to both typical and untypical packaging applications.

A wide range of packaging solutions

We offer a wide range of machines meant for different bagging applications. We also build taylor made models upon demand.

A quick and reliable service

We keep in stock most of the models that we manufacture and spare parts for all of them. We give inmediate and personal attention to every demand, following our goal to always give the best possible service to our customers.

Quality and innovation

We manufacture robust and efficient machines specially designed for intensive industrial use. The quality of our machines and our continuous work on improving our products and adapting innovative solutions to different packaging applications, have made us become a point of reference in the packaging sector